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Hawkeye Homebuilders is a diversified construction company. Throughout our company's history, we have assisted in the building of various types of construction including new homes, speculation homes, remodeling projects, commercial office type buildings and so on.
Bruce Rastetter, co-owner of Hawkeye Homebuilders, had his basement remodeled in 2007.
Bruce's bar was constructed out of flagstone with granite countertops. The iron railing with lights placed throughout really accent the color of the bar and wood floor.
A hickory wood floor was installed with a ribbon of walnut.
In 2008, an office building was constructed for Summit Farms and their cattle auction department. The building consisted of cedar siding along with a cedar deck.
Hawkeye Homebuilders may do some large projects but we also focus on detailed woodworking. This television stand was built out of hickory and walnut wood floor.
An old wood style pine was selected for this spa room. A sliding glass door and linoleum style floor was installed.